Sweet & Savory Deviled Eggs in Sunflower Egg Cups

Sweet and Savory Deviled Eggs in Sunflower Egg Cups

The addition of cinnamon and Craisins give this classic recipe an interesting (and delicious!) twist. The flavor is reminiscent of Indian cuisine, which makes sense being that cinnamon is native to India. We thought this exotic recipe looked best presented in our cheerful sunflower egg cups. Serve this yummy recipe in these fanciful egg cups at your next get-together and you are sure to be the proud recipient of many compliments! Print Sweet & Savory Deviled Eggs in Sunflower … [Read more...]

Pesto Deviled Eggs in Spring Floral Egg Cups

Pesto Deviled Eggs with Title 2

Who doesn't love deviled eggs? Delicious and easy to make, these pesto deviled eggs are sure to be a hit at your next party. Serving them in egg cups, as pictured here, adds an extra bit of style and flair to your table. Each of your guests can have their own cup. Serve them with appetizer forks, which fit perfectly inside the egg and make it easy for your guests to enjoy every last bite. You can even use the egg cups as place markers by threading a small name tag through a ribbon and … [Read more...]